BaggageAI is designed to ensure additional security at checkpoints in transport like Airports.
Airport security is a major concern especially with the rate at which air traffic is increasing. Baggage handling and security is a major operational challenge.
Manual detection of the prohibited items in X-Ray images of scanned baggage is a cumbersome task and is highly prone to human error and often leads to a security breach. According to TSA, Banned items made it through US airport security in 8 out of 10 tests and 0.28% of times flight delay is caused by security delays (baggage scan) in 2017 USA.
Even with Baggage scanners in-place, problems like untrained screeners, high traffic, very difficult threats such as lighters/pendrives, smarter offenders are able to sneak in prohibited items.
It would be impractical to open and check each and every bag. BaggageAI can resolve these issues with high speed automatic threat detection.
Humans can work with the BaggageAI like a partner to help make the right decisions.
With and Without BaggageAI
With a scanning rate of one image per 0.3 seconds, BaggageAI speeds up the process to handle constant heavy air-traffic seamlessly.
BaggageAI Results
Check-in: 2.67%
Suspicious 2.7%
Clear 97.3%
Arrival Baggage: 5.6%
Suspicious 5.6%
Clear 94.4%
*Threats detected from X-ray images of Baggage marked Clear at an International Airport.

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